Automated Blogging, Social Media Content, and SEO That's Better Than Human

Flobot helps you grow your business by automatically researching keywords, creating social media content, scheduling posts, and handling search engine optimization (SEO).

Make it easy to get more visitors to your website with Flobot.
Keyword Research

It's 2024, if you want any chance of ranking higher on Google than your competitors, you have to conduct meticulous analysis of every single keyword in your industry and compare traffic rates, ad bids and more to find out which targets will give you the highest chances of success.

Blog Posts

It's no longer enough to just throw up a simple website with information about your product or service. The brands that excel are the ones that go above and beyond to provide value-added content to their audience in order to generate trust, curiosity and buyer intent.

Social Media

Let's face it: if you're a business owner the last thing you want to be spending time on is coming up with your next social media post, reformatting it for each platform, engaging with followers, or figuring out the best times to schedule your content for publishing.

Backlinks & SEO

These days, internet marketing is more competitive than ever. It's not just about the content you can see, it's also about what you don't see. If you want organic traffic you have to implement internal and external linking, meta-descriptions, H1-H6 tags, directory listings, and more.


Let Flobot Handle It.

The future is here. Flobot is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) agent that gives you the speed and power of 100 marketers for less than the price of 1. The best part? You don't have to manage it at all, just set it and forget it. Simply tell Flobot what industry you're in and it will automatically do all of the market research required to write high-quality blogs, source images, generate/schedule social media posts, and handle all of the backend SEO work that would normally take a human countless hours to complete.


Skip The Long Setup, Get Started Same-Day.

The other guys require a bunch of setup tasks before any work actually gets done. Flobot is ready right out of the box, connecting seamlessly with your website/social media accounts and identifying precisely what you need just by knowing what industry you're in and reviewing your current metrics. No more switching between different applications or platforms - the moment you sign-up you can start broadcasting across all of your major channels and improving your SEO.

Measure And
Improve Everything...

We don't expect you to "just trust us." We know that the only things that get improved are the things that get measured.

That's why we measure everything.

Impressions, followers, traffic sources, geography, industry, you name it. Flobot delivers valuable insights into what works best for your particular audience and then optimizes your strategy accordingly.

...All From One Simple Dashboard.

Flobot's clean and user-friendly dashboard makes it easy for anyone to observe and manage their marketing in real time, without having to learn any new skills. That's right, no technical expertise required - simply login, customize your specifications, and let your new AI employee take care of the rest!

Simple And Transparent Pricing Plans For Everyone

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From Our Clients:

I've been running a digital marketing company for almost ten years now and this is a total game changer.
Garrett Atkins
Founder & CEO
VIE Media
Not only are we saving money using this instead of a human, but we've seen a pretty big spike in organic traffic since we've implemented Flobot.
Keith Collins
District Manager
Farmers Insurance
Other tools have been trying to do this for awhile but either the deliverables were poor, it didn't have all of the functionality, or the price was outrageous. Flobot is the first one I've seen that hit the mark.
Alex McElfish
Partner at