Automatically Generate Traffic and Inbound Leads

  • Find the best keywords for maximum reach
  • Post content seamlessly on multiple platforms
  • Create high-quality content with ease


You spend too much time worrying about content and ranking higher on Google.
Flobot automatically creates and posts content with ease. Less work. More conversion.

Social Media

You run your business to bring value to your customer, not to become a social media star. Let Flobot handles the daily necessities of creating, scheduling, posting, and analyzing on your behalf.

Keyword Research & SEO

Stop spending time doing keyword research yourself. Flobot handles it effortlessly while ensuring all technical SEO todos are taken care of.

Blog Posts

Blogging can take a lot of time and lead to few results if not optimized, consistent, and effectively done. Flobot reduces guess work and lets you feel confident about the content being posted.

Lead Engagement

Send emails to site visitors who never filled a form. Have an intelligent AI Agent sell from your page. Boost conversion and get more sales, with no additional effort.


Skip The Long Setup, Onboarding is <30min

  • Flobot is ready right out of the box. No lengthy setup tasks required.
  • Connects effortlessly with your website and social media accounts.
  • Automatically recognizes your industry needs by analyzing current metrics.
  • Manage all your content across various channels from a single dashboard.
  • Start broadcasting and improving your SEO the moment you sign up.

Measure And
Improve Everything...

  • We measure everything. Impressions, followers, traffic sources, geography, industry, you name it.
  • Flobot delivers valuable insights into what works best for your audience.
  • Optimizes your strategy accordingly to ensure maximum impact.

...All From One Simple Dashboard.

  • Flobot's clean and user-friendly dashboard allows for easy observation and management of marketing in real time.
  • No technical expertise required—simply log in, customize your specifications, and let your new AI employee handle the rest.

Hear From Our Clients

"I've been running a digital marketing company for almost ten years now and this is a total game changer."

Garrett Atkins

Founder & CEO
VIE Media

"Not only are we saving money using this instead of a physical person, but we've seen a pretty big spike in organic traffic since we've implemented Flobot."

Keith Collins

District Manager, Farmers Insurance

"Other tools have been trying to do this for a while but either the deliverables were poor, it didn't have all of the functionality, or the price was outrageous. Flobot is the first one I've seen that hit the mark."

Alex McElfish

Founder Narrowgate Ventures

Simple Pricing for Everyone

Platform Walkthrough

Flobot provides a level of automation never available before, all designed to
serve you and your business. Click below to start growing today.

Frequently Asked Questions

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